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PISA: Growing vanilla into a high value crop in Haiti

PISA Cacao and Vanilla project goal is to sustainably increase revenues in existing and new APROCANO members cacao plantations through improved agricultural techniques, increased access to high-value export...

MAKATY - The first and best cacao community for 2021

Haiti’s cacao industry has traditionally sold most of its harvest to low-paying commodity markets. To differentiate its cacao, PISA invested in both quality and certifications in order to access higher value markets...


PISA: Boosting Cacao Production in Haiti with Organic Premium  

Haiti’s cacao industry has traditionally sold most of its harvest to low-paying commodity markets. To accelerate and increase the worth of the cacao value chain locally, PISA partnered... Putting Haiti on the Digital Map 

In Haiti, local and foreign institutions working in the country suffer from a lack of access to information. Not only are data produced by the Haitian Government or other entities not published or accessible to a wider audience...

Konbit Grants Program Funds Haitian Actors of Change 

Haitian institutions are often seen as inactive or absent in key areas of Haiti’s growth. This is a misconception that ignores the many challenges this group faces.

Konbit: Making Haitian 



In Haiti, small and local businesses account for 80 percent of employment and are vital to the national economy. For many, the lack of knowledge and investment has an impact on performance and profits and constrain the growth.


Haitian Women Empowerment 

Konbit’s goal is to increase the number of local development partners influencing and achieving significant and sustainable development results in Haiti, who are accountable to their constituents and who are able to effectively compete for and manage resources.

Konbit Innovation Grantee, GECA, Increases Access to Finance  

Founded in 2012 by a group of dynamic and experienced Haitian women, GECA is a service and

consulting company that...

MEL: Learning to Practice

Local organizations are doing considerable development work in Haiti, but their efforts are often not recognized.

Konbit: Haitian Organizations Facedown their Challenges and Unlock the “Lockdown”

Haiti went through a ten-day period of unrest this February resulting in an acute paralysis of the Haitian private and public sectors: schools, government offices and businesses were shut down.

Konbit: Building Trust and Consortia in Haiti Leads to Development Results

September 2019 – Haitian for-profit and non-profit organizations struggle to gain a footing in the

development sphere in Haiti due to limited resources and relatively few opportunities to contribute to the



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